Join A Committee


There is a dynamic, dedicated group of your peers and associates that come together once a month over the course of the year to volunteer their time and expertise to make the SBW - Southwest Illinois happen. Opportunities exist to contribute just a couple of hours and up. Consider joining us and experience the joy that comes from helping celebrate and promote the accomplishments of others.


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 Small Business Week Kickoff Breakfast

  • Plan, coordinate, and produce the breakfast.
  • Busiest in the fall exploring locations and selecting a venue; spurt of activity just before the event/day of to coordinate it.


Small Business Week Closing Luncheon

  • Plan, coordinate, and produce the Annual SBW - Southwest Illinois Luncheon. This is the primary event of Small Business Week and is somewhat complex; selecting the proper venue is critical. Busiest in the fall exploring locations and determining a venue, then spurts of activity in the weeks just before and the day of the event.
  • Produce the program booklet. Content is provided by Sponsorship, Calendar of Events, and other committees. Compile content, provide to printer, and edit proofs. Most of this work occurs during March and April, after all content has been finalized and just before Small Business Week.


Calendar of Events

  • Coordinate the calendar of events for the entire Small Business Week, including production of the event brochure. This committee is busiest in November, contacting previous events hosts to confirm participation. Then busy again in January and February to gather complete event details from hosts (dates, times, locations); work with graphic vendor partner on brochure layout, print proofs, and posting the brochure on the website.



  • Solicit donations from corporations or non-profit entities that can benefit from association with the Small Business Week activities.
  • Contact potential donors, explain benefits of various levels, and get commitments. Heaviest committee activity is October – February, with some work in March and April.


Marketing/Public Relations/Media Relations

  • Advise and council on all marketing efforts related to the week of events. Produce brochure, with input from other subcommittees.
  • Create and manage public relations advertising campaigns to promote the event.
  • Primary activities occur in late winter and spring; planning then executing various public relations and promotional activities.
  • Plan, organize, and coordinate direct emailing activities for promotion of the winners, week of events, and committees.



  • Manage content, software, design, and administration of the organization’s website.
  • General updates on a monthly basis August-May; spike in February and March when calendar of events are announced.